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Bunkers Hill

Bunkers Hill is a lovely purpose-built care home, situated for easy access from the main A15 into the centre of Lincoln and the Outer Circle Road. It is also close to a wide range of shopping and leisure facilities including Lidl and CoOp supermarkets, and a retail park with several restaurants and cafes, providing excellent amenities for family, friends and visitors.

Enhancing your experience of later life

Caring for all your needs

Bunkers Hill not only offers you a warm and friendly home but one where you will be looked after with respect for your individual wishes and needs. We have a highly experienced nursing and care team, available twenty-four hours a day, who understand that a supportive environment is important, but that you also want to retain as much independence and choice in your daily routine as possible.
Achieving this balance doesn’t happen by chance. It is important that we spend time with both you and your family, agreeing exactly what type of care suits you best. Having talked to you we will develop a care plan that is personal to you, and that can be adapted should your needs or circumstances change.

Our Service

What We Offer

All the comforts of home

Bunkers Hill offers you excellent facilities to enjoy. All our purpose-built bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms ensuring your privacy and dignity at all times. Each room is tastefully decorated, and you are encouraged to make them your own by bringing along your treasured possessions so that you feel totally at home.

There are a number of different dining and lounge areas for you to relax in, catch up with friends or perhaps just take a quiet cup of tea. From our spacious lounges you look out onto our attractive courtyard garden. In warmer weather this provides the perfect spot to enjoy outdoor events and occasions, often with family and friends there to join you.

If you enjoy having your hair done we have a salon where you can see a hairdresser each week. So that you can keep in regular touch with family and friends we have facilities giving you access to the Internet at any time – we want you to have all the comforts you have been used to.

Leading fulfilling lives

We want you to enjoy your new home and live a life that is fulfilling. Together with you we plan lots of different activities and pastimes. You might like to watch movies, listen to music, play puzzles or perhaps have a game of cards with friends. For those who are able to be more adventurous we organise trips out – perhaps you might like to visit a beautiful garden or take afternoon tea somewhere. Whatever you like doing best all our activities and events will help you enjoy the happy community that we have at Bunkers Hill.

Delicious home cooked food

Keeping you healthy is important and we have a wide range of nutritious menu choices for you to enjoy. We also cater for special dietary needs – so whether you are diabetic or suffer from food allergies or intolerances, you will find there is something just made for you. We are passionate about making your mealtimes something to look forward to every day – so if you fancy an old favourite or want to try something new – just ask our chefs and they will see what they can do. If you would like to, why not invite family or friends to join you. You can take lunch together, have afternoon tea, or throw a special birthday celebration – everyone is welcome!

Becoming part of a community

Many people are worries that going in to a care home means being removed from family and friends and the little things of daily life that they cherish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We never underestimate the importance of family and friends and actively encourage their continued involvement in the life of our residents. Loved ones can visit at any time and we hope that they will want to join in some of the many activities and events that occur every day. All our homes are communities, and just as with communities outside the home, it is when whole families and their friends get together and share experiences that great memories are made.

About Us

Choosing the right care for you

We always recommend that you visit the home to make sure that it is the right one for you. Whilst you are visiting, ask the questions that are most important to you and find out more about life in the home.

If you’re not sure about something then we would be happy to arrange a trial day where you can come and have lunch, join in with activities and chat to other residents. We want you to feel totally comfortable with the choice you make and will do everything we can to help you make the right one.

If you are uncertain as to exactly what type of care might be appropriate for you then PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE CAN GIVE YOU PROFESSIONAL ADVICE RELATING TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION.


Pet Therapy….

Safe to say that a lot of our residents here at Bunkers Hill are dog people! Animal therapy is not...

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