Stay cool this week…….

With Summer deciding to arrive in September this year, it’s time to think about staying cool for once! Just because this week’s heat has arrived later than usual it is still important for older people to keep themselves safe – as excessive heat can quickly cause problems for some people. Here at Bunkers Hill we always make sure our residents are properly hydrated and kept as cool as possible. We thought we would post this excellent advice from Age UK which you might find useful during the coming week. Enjoy the warmth but stay well everyone.

– Keep blinds down and windows closed when it’s cooler inside than out.

– A cool bath or shower, or a damp cloth or a splash of water on the back of your neck can be better at cooling you down than a fan.

– Most medication should be kept below 25°C – so it might be best to keep it in the fridge when it’s really hot.

– Drink plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated, but avoid alcohol as it can dehydrate you.

– Keep eating even if you’re not feeling too hungry. Try to eat more food that’s cold and has a lot of water in it, like fruit or salad.

We hope that all of you stay safe this week and we will be doing our best to make sure all our residents are kept as cool as possible.